Managed Object Format (MOF) file Attributes

A Managed Object Format (MOF) file is a type of text file that is used to define the structure and characteristics of a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class. It is written in a specialized language called the MOF language, which is based on the C++ syntax.

Here is a list of some of the attributes that may be included in a MOF file:

  1. ClassName: This attribute specifies the name of the WMI class that is being defined in the MOF file. For example:

Class ClassName { … };

  1. Properties: This attribute specifies the properties or data fields that belong to the WMI class. For example:

[key] string PropertyName;

  1. Methods: This attribute specifies the methods or functions that can be called on the WMI class. For example:

uint32 MethodName( [in] string ParameterName );

  1. SuperClass: This attribute specifies the parent class from which the WMI class being defined in the MOF file inherits. For example:

Class ClassName : SuperClassName { … };

  1. Qualifiers: This attribute specifies additional information or metadata about the WMI class or its properties, methods, or other attributes. Qualifiers can include information such as whether a property is read-only or whether a method is static. For example:

[read] string PropertyName; [static] uint32 MethodName();