What Is ‘Schema’ Or Structured Data?

At 8:40 where the sound cut out I was stating that sites that are not in competitive niches such as SEO typically can take 6-9 months to rank.

How Can Schema Help Your Website? What is Structured Data?

Structured Data Example

Imagine you have a very large successful company. You actually have more clients than you need and can pick and choose between who you want to work with. You were asked to visit a job site and all you were given was instructions on a piece of paper that stated;

We willen nieuw sanitair in de kelder


Now would you waste time trying to figure out first, what language that is and secondly, what the numbers can possibly mean? If you are a successful business owner, of course not. Your time is far too valuable.

Now what if the note read as this;

We want new plumbing in the basement

We will be home on 05/29/2016
We need 500 feet of pipe
Our contact number is 708-997-8987
We will pay you ,000

What is Structured Data?These both display data. Yet the first one has no structure to understand what this data is. This is exactly how Google sees a website without data that is structured with Schema elements. Without structure, just like you as the successful and very busy business owner, Google is not going to waste time and computing power figuring out what your site is about, what you offer and where you are located, when there are many, many options to choose from. The content and information value of your site, just like viewing “50000”, is unknown without clear explanation. How will Google know where the value lies with out structure, when they structure to understand. Google has gone as far as investing in a tool for website owners to use to make sure they are compliant with the structured data demands? If you are not a responsible website owner, by not implementing what Google is specifically asking for, you will not be rewarded with better rankings than a website that has done so.

Structuring the data on your website, is one of the single greatest strategies you can implement if you are serious about ranking your website in the face of people in your area, looking for the specific services you offer. When Google has millions and millions of sites to crawl, categorize and file, this gives them a better defined outline of who you are, where you are, what you are offering as well as what you are related to. This gives reason to the acronym (ERD), which structured data is also called, which stands for entity relationship diagram.

Take the time to get your data structured with Schema elements, do not spam your Schema with keywords, and fill out as much as you can that applies to your business, Your ranking will be surprising and you will earn some points with Google, which is never a bad thing.

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