vbscript dictionary (script provided)


Here is the code!

a=inputbox (“VBsripter’s dictionary”)

if a = “the word typed in” then
msgbox (a &”What the word means”)
End if

if a = “z” then
msgbox (a &” is the last letter in the alphabet.”)
End if

if a = “hello” then
msgbox (a &” is a kind way of greeting some one”)
End if

Loop until a = “Q”

x=msgbox(“Thank you for using Dictionary. Created by VBSRIPTER.Copyright of 2009 ©®™ “,64+12,” Dictionary ©®™ Copyright of 2009″)

x=msgbox(“Thank you stupidgaylogincrap and elisha054 for all your help and time. I hope i did not agrivate you with my numerous questions. I am tryin to learn this vbscripting stuff. It’s a LOAD of fun! THANKS AGAIN!”,64+12,” THANKS AGAIN!”)