Tutorial : Schema.org, Google Panda Recoveries, Google +1, AdWords & More Free online seo tools on

Tutorial : Schema.org, Google Panda Recoveries, Google +1, AdWords & More Free online seo tools on bulkping for Website Seo Video google, yahoo, bing, schema, adwords, panda, +1, malware, jcpenney, spam, links, adsense, twitter, search, seo, memorialday BulkPing/ – The search engines unite to form Schema.org, a rich markup language for search results. I concluded this week that no one recovered from the Google Panda update, at least not yet. Google launched the +1 button, which is going to be used as a ranking factor. J.C. Penney’s link penalty expired after 90-days and they are ranking well! Bing’s malware warning label in the results takes 3-6 weeks to remove. Google AdWords is testing job extensions and is now charging for directions clicks. Google Checkout dropped the checkout badges. AdSense can no longer be put in IFRAMEs. Twitter imported their search engine. Twitter also made follow me buttons. Google was caught accidentally indexing Bing’s image cache results, they fixed it. Danny made a flowchart on how Matt Cutts decides to debunk Google theories. Finally, it was Memorial Day Monday and we have the logos. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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