Powershell beginner tutorial step by step – Easy Way

Powershell beginner tutorial step by step http://aikitsupport.com Same type of commands can be used in Windows and Unix Commands in PowerShell

Lets say You want to change the Working Directory then we use command cd in command prompt but in PowerShell we use CMDlets

We need to Run – Set-Location to change Directory

Example: Set-Location C:Intel

After that lets Check Current Working Directory then we run Command as pwd

We can get the same result

Example: Pwd

Now lets say we want know which powershell commands running at the backend to know that we need to run a command as Get-Alias -Name pwd

PS C:Intel Get-Alias -Name pwd

CommandType Name Definition
———– —- ———-
Alias pwd Get-Location

Lets pick few more examples

Like List the Directory we run Dir in Windows ls Unix

These two commands are linked to Get-ChildItem

PS C:Intel Get-Alias -Definition Get-ChildItem

CommandType Name Definition
———– —- ———-
Alias dir Get-ChildItem
Alias gci Get-ChildItem
Alias ls Get-ChildItem