How To Use Google Webmaster Tools Data Highlighter

How to use Google webmaster tools data highlighter explains how to use data highlighter. has more samples

Data highlighter feature of Google Webmaster Tools helps webmasters markup their landing pages so that Google can better understand your web site’s data. Using the Data Highlighter, you simply ‘tag’ each data field with your mouse and highlight the data items. To learn more about structured data visit:

Google’s rich snippets use structured data in its search results so that the searcher can better understand the search results. Using vocabulary, data highlighter tool can tell Google about the content structure of a typical web page; this will allow Google to present your articles, products, local business, events, Ecommerce information more efficiently.

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How to use Data Highlighter video tutorial walks you through each step of creating page sets and explains the procedure for tagging your web page elements. To learn more in depth insights about Google Webmaster Tools Structured Data watch:

The links above will show you the core concepts for manually marking up your web page elements using vocabulary for structuring your web pages. To gain additional insight about using (as recommended by Google) visit the help section for FAQ here:

First created by #rankyaseoservices this video session shows ways for using the data highlighter (feature of Google Webmaster Tools) for marking up web page content using tags.

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