How To Create A Code 128 Barcode In C# Using The Barcode Fonts And The NET Assembly Font Encoder

The tutorial explains how to generate Code 128 barcodes in Visual Studio using barcode fonts and the .NET Assembly Font Encoder.

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To generate barcodes scannable barcodes using fonts, two componentes are required:
(1) Barcode Font – Code 128
(2) Barcode Font Encoder – .NET Assembly Font Encoder

The encoder formats the data before the font is applied. For example, to convert the data
1234567890 into a barcode it is converted to Í,BXnzÈÂcÎ for Code 128 Auto. Apply the IDAutomationC128 font then scan the barcode
to receive the output 1234567890.

The tutorial assumes the Code 128 Font Package is installed. To download the Code 128 Demo fonts, visit:

To download the Demo version of the .NET Assembly, visit:

To PURCHASE CODE 128 FONTS (Developer License or Above), visit:

Though the tutorial describes how to generate a Code 128 barcode, the .NET Assembly is also designed to encode data for the following barcode font
packages including: Code 39, Interleaved, UPC/EAN, Postnet, Universal Fonts, and Intelligent Mail.

Additional Options:
Need to create DataBar barcodes in .NET?
The Developer License or Above of the Databar Font Package includes the .NET Font Encoder DLL for Databar.

Need to generate 2D barcodes in .NET???
The Developer License or Above of the Advantage Packages include the .NET Font Encoder DLL for 2D barcodes.

Data Matrix and Encoder Font Advantage Package:

PDF417 Font and Encoder Advantage Package:

QR Code Font and Encoder Package:

Aztec Font and Encoder Advantage Package:

For Technical Support, visit the IDAutomation Support Forum: