How To Add Rich Snippets To WordPress (The Easy Way)

Rich snippets add “extra information” to your search engine snippets so you can improve search engine visibility and clickthrough rates. You can do this with pages/posts about reviews, recipes, products, events, and other data (see

Here are 2 easy ways to add rich snippets to WordPress…

All In One Plugin
-supports rich snippets for: reviews, events, people, product, recipe, software/application pages
-only basic design options when marking up pages (screenshot:
-cannot incorporate photos, videos, criteria, comparison table, user reviews, other advanced features
-support limited to the forum on the plugin page
1. Install All In One
2. Configure the settings 2:52
3. Markup your pages 3:37
4. Test rich snippets 4:40

WP Rich Snippets Plugin ( – 9):
-supports rich snippets for: reviews, products, organizations, restaurants, articles, locations (for local SEO), software/applications pages
-better design when marking up pages (screenshot:
-advanced customizations and can include photos, videos, criteria, user reviews, table, etc. See:
-premium support and easy setup instructions
1. Purchase WP Rich Snippets 5:39
2. Install the plugin 6:03
3. Activate your license key 6:25
4. Configure the settings 7:10
5. Markup your pages 7:55
6. Test rich snippets 9:48
7. Solutions to common problems 10:08

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