Example of CATIA V5 VBScript in Generative Shape Design (Script in GSD)

In this video, I want to show how a VBScript program can draw in Generative Shape Design Workbench (CATIA V5). This video is not a tutorial of programming in CATIA. This program draws a flower (97 objects) in 3 main steps (Stem, Ovary and Petals); by programming you can create your garden and enjoy it!
‘1- Create Stem:
‘1-1) Create Geometrical Sets
‘1-2) Create offset distance plane
‘1-3) Create Sketch in that plane (Create two Arcs (Center Point, Radius and angles))
‘1-4) Create Join Sketch
‘1-5) Create Sweep Circle
‘1-6) Coloring Sweep
‘2- Create Ovary:
‘2-1: Create Extremum Point of Sketch in +Z
‘2-2: Create Plane perpendicular to Sketch
‘2-3: Create Intersection (Instead of Boundary of Sweep)
‘2-4: Create Offset (Parallel) Plane
‘2-5: Create Circle (Center point and Radius)
‘2-6: Create Blend
‘2-7: Create Sketch2 Projection
‘2-8: Create Fill
‘2-9: Create Bump
‘2-10: Create Hole
‘2-10-1: Create Hole Center Point
‘2-10-2: Project Hole Circle on the Bump
‘2-10-3: Split
‘2-11: Create Fillet
‘2-12: Coloring Fillet
‘3- Create Flower
‘3-1: Create Extremum Point of Intersection (+Y)
‘3-2: Create Plane Perp. to Sketch2 through Extremum Point
‘3-3: Create End Point of Flower
‘3-4: Create Flower Line (Point to Point)
‘3-5: Create Plane Perpendicular to Flower Line through Start Point, End Point and 5 distances
‘3-6: Create 7 Arcs in each Plane
‘3-7: Create First Point, End Point and Extremum Point (-Z) of each arc
‘3-8: Create 3 Splines as Loft Guides
‘3-9: Create Loft (First Outer Petal)
‘3-10: Create Circular Array of Petal
‘3-11: Create Scale of First Petal
‘3-12: Create Create Circular Array of Inner Petal
‘3-13: Coloring of Petals
‘3-14: Hiding Some Objects and Geometrical Sets

Thanks to Emmett Ross, Dieter Ziethen and Kyle Brand for their books.

Montréal, Canada