Catch Failed Logins With PowerShell In Realtime

In this video we will continue with our exploration of Windows Server 2012. However all of the principals in this video can be applies to Windows Server 2008R2 as well. We will explore the Metro / “Modern UI Style” and how it comes into play managing a server.
In addition we will cover how to:

• Install Windows Features using PowerShell (Installing a SMTP server)
• Send an e-mail from PowerShell V2
• Write a script that will e-mail and tell us when there has been a failed login to our server
• Attach that script and have it triggered by an event in Windows Event Viewer

Hopefully working through these steps will give you some more information about Windows Server 2012, as well as start gaining experience writing simple PowerShell commands that you can use for your daily administrative tasks!

If you want to download the Windows Scheduled Task file and the simple PowerShell script you can download them from the website at:

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