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C# Sales and Inventory Management System Code :

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This Is A Full Demo Of The Project I Already Make One Quick You Can Watch It From Here :

This Project Is Created Using .net technology ( windows form)
– c# programming language .
– Sql Server 2014.
– Visual Studio 2013 ( visual studio 2013 express ) .
What This C# Project Can Do :
. once The User Login Into The Application He Can :
– Manage Product (Insert, Update, Delete, Search, Show)
– Manage Categories (Insert, Update, Delete)
. navigate in the categories
. show products in the selected categories In listbox or datagridview
. Manage Customer (Insert, Update, Delete)
. navigate customers
. show customer orders count
. show customer orders total amount
. show customer last order date
– Manage Orders
. show all customers
. show customer orders
. show order product
. show product in specific categories
. insert order
. insert order details
and Print Selected Order With His Detail In A PDF File
if you can understand this code you can create your own application
once you download the rar file you can find the source code and the sql server database script
Controls Used in this ( windows form application c# ) :
label, textbox, listbox, datagridview, button, panel, picturebox, images, form,
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see the previous demo:

Get This C# Project Source Code From Here:

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