Business Catalyst Review App

The Business Catalyst Review App will help you easily add customer submitted reviews to your sites. It comes with basic styling and can be easily styled and re-styled using CSS.

Review incorporates structured data (Rich Snippets) with vocabulary who is sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex. This will help make your reviews stand out as correctly formatted data helps search engines create better search result that increase click-through rates.

Review has many features the basic BC comments does not and Digital Fuel will look to add more over time.

Key Features of the App
Easy Install – Review makes it easy format customer reviews to suit an site.

Rich Snippets – Review has built in rich snippets using structured data for e-commerce and can quickly be adapted for other review categories quickly and easily.

App Features
Multiple Reviews
Requires approval
Anonymous reviews
Select starting review rating
Select starting title of your customer
Add, Remove fields easily
Reorder fields with drag and drop
Basic review fields – Rating, Name, Email, Title / Comment and Location.
Product review fields – Recommend Button, Product Quality Rating and Product Value Rating.