ADO.NET Training – ADO.NET Architecture – C# Tutorial

BestDotNetTraining is the well-known training institute in Hyderabad, which provides information about ADO.NET.
This video is created by Microsoft Certified professional Mr.Sandeep Soni.

This tutorial will provide ADO.NET overview. The following topics will be covered:

Session 1:
a) Introduction to SQL.
b) Evolution of ADO.NET after Native Drivers, ODBC Drivers, DAO/RDO
and ADO.
c) About Managed Providers
d) Important Objects in Managed Provider
Session 2:
a) Creating Database using VS.NET
b) Establishing Connection with Database
c) Connection String Formats
Session 3:
a) Executing simple Insert, Update and Delete Statements
b) Executing Select Statement and using SqlDataReader
c) MultipleActiveResultSets(MARS)
Session 4:
a) Prepared Statements
b) Stored Procedures
Session 5:
a) Managing Transactions
b) Asynchronous Execution of SQL Statements
c) To write provider-independent code
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