4 Important Design Patterns :- C# Corner Webinar

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In this Webinar we will discuss , Builder pattern , decorator pattern , factory and iterator pattern.

Lab 1:- Design pattern step by step with a project(Factory pattern,Lazy Pattern and RIP Pattern).(60 minutes).

Lab 2:- Unity, Stratergy, IOC, SRP and SOC design pattern. (30 minutes) trailer video

Lab 3 :- Generic repository pattern and Template pattern ( 1 hour) trailer video

Lab 4: – Adapter Pattern and Repository with EF (1 hour) trailer video

Lab 5: – UOW(Unit of Work)(30 minutes) trailer video

Lab 6:- Decorator Pattern (30 Minutes) trailer video

Lab 7 :- Iterator Pattern (30 Minutes) trailer video

Lab 8 :- Prototype and Memento Pattern (30 Minutes) Trailer video

Lab 9:- Implementing complex object creation using Factory Method(1 Hour)Trailer video

Lab 10 :- Implementing NULL Design Pattern and Mediator Pattern.(34 Minutes)Trailer Video

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