3rd Party Patching with System Center Configuration Manager

Learn how Patch Manager extends the power of SCCM for 3rd party app patch management at: http://bit.ly/Patching_with_SCCM

Learn how SolarWinds Patch Manager automates the patching process of 3rd party applications that includes researching needed patches, obtaining and running the update installer, documenting the pre & post-installation conditions, creating a package with metadata about the update and post-installation conditions, publishing the package to SUP, synchronizing to the site server, and building a deployment package. System Center Configuration Managerâ„¢ provides the ability to update third party patches using SCUP (System Center Updates Publisher).

All of these activities can take many hours per patch. Patch Manager significantly reduces the time it takes to patch 3rd party apps – all visualized in your System Center Configuration Manager console.

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