Vbscript Countdown Timer

Creating a vbscript countdown timer is easy and fun. Amaze your friend with this simple code and program.. Just Follow the steps and run the code below

Here is the code:
dTimer=InputBox(“Enter timer interval in minutes”,”Set Timer”) ‘minutes

do until IsNumeric(dTimer)=True
dTimer=InputBox(“Invalid Entry” & vbnewline & vbnewline & _
“Enter timer interval in minutes”,”Set Timer”) ‘minutes

if dTimer()”” then ‘change () to brackets before run program
WScript.Sleep dTimer*60*1000 ‘convert from minutes to milliseconds
t=MsgBox(“Take a Walk.” & vbnewline & vbnewline & “Restart Timer?”, _
vbYesNo, “It’s been ” & dTimer &” minute(s)”)
if t=6 then ‘if yes
‘continue loop
else ‘exit loop
exit do
end if
end if

Feel free to copy and share