Online Music / Songs Website Project – ASP.Net With C#.Net And Sql Server

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This project is made in ASP.Net using C#.Net with Sql Server based on topic on Online Music Website.

This is project has various module. Following are the details for each module:-

User Module :- In this module user will be able to signup and login into the website. User can play or download songs using various options on the site. For ease of user songs are divided into 3 main categories like English, Hindi & Punjabi Songs. User can also search for songs using 2 different methods. Different Validations are applied in the project to ensure proper input by the user. User can also send messages and feedback.

Admin Module :- This is total dynamic project i.e. everything can be changed by admin. Admin can add new categories other than English, Hindi & Punjabi and can also delete or update already added categories. Admin can also add, delete & update sub categories like Movies, Albums to main categories. After adding categories & subcategories admin will add albums and will add songs to the album. As this is total dynamic project whatever information admin will add, user will be able see that information at the same time. Admin can also view feedback & messages sent by users.